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Convert points from English to Metric

Converting points from English units to Metric units is very easy, just scale the points by a scale factor. Use 0,0,0 for your base point. Use a scale factor of 0.30480061 to go from English to Metric. Use a scale factor of 3.28083333 to go from Metric to English. After scaling the points go to DPpoints - Point utilities - Reset elevation by select. Select the points that you just scaled. Now the elevations are updated.

Exchange points with a client who uses a different software package

Exchanging points is very easy, just export your points to a file. Your client can then import the points using their software. You can also export the points to XML. This will create an XML file compatible with LandXML for exchanging data with another application. You can also import points from an XML file you received from a client.

Specify the correct direction when labeling a line

When labeling the Bearing (or Azimuth) and distance of a line, select the line toward the end that you are starting from. The Bearing (or Azimuth) direction will be labeled correctly.

Display the point elevation at a 45 degree angle.

Use the "twist points" command to rotate the point display. Twist points will swing the points about the node. You can use the twist points command if you want to display the point elevation at a 45 degree (or other) angle.

Turn the point display off

To turn the point display off you may turn off or freeze the following layers: Dpno, Dpel & Dpdes. Now from the menu select: DPpoints - Point utilties - Points display off (This will turn off the point node "x").

Select only certain points to manipulate

You may select points by a range of numbers or by their description. Just go to DPpoints - Point utilities - Select points by range (or) Select points by description. After you select the points you may issue another command (such as "Move points") when asked to select objects type in "P" for previous selection set.

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